Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dangerous Food and a Parasol

Andromeda is trying to eat, but I'm not sure if the bread I've been offering her is a good idea. She manages to get big chunks off of it and chokes on it. She doesn't gag; she stops breathing and her eyebrows turn red. I turn her upside down and pat her back, and it flies out. I ask her if she's okay and she grins at me, with red-rimmed, teary eyes. I wish I had more room, a kitchen, a way to let her explore food in a safer way. Squishy food that she can't choke on. Maybe I'll get her one of those mesh food- holders.

On a lighter note, Ollin had the genius idea to use one of our rain umbrellas as a parasol down at the pool. He tucked it into the slats of one of the pool chairs and Babby and I sat comfortably in the shade. While he and Simone swam.

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