Saturday, May 21, 2011

Andromeda Eats

Andromeda is not quite six months old, and she still needs to prop herself when sitting, though she's getting stronger every day. They say to wait until baby is six months old, and can sit unsupported before starting solids, and her pediatrician recommended rice cereal as a first food.

Thing is, Babby wants to eat. She wants to be a part of whatever we're doing, but nothing so much as eating. She tries to faceplant in my dinner! I'm not so sure about rice cereal. I know they say it's mild and unlikely to set off any allergies, but it's also not as nutritionally dense as many, many other foods, especially breastmilk. She also wants to feed herself with her own hands.

I read about baby-led weaning; it seems just right for Andromeda. Instead of spoonfeeding baby purees, you sit them up with a bit of what everyone else is eating and let them try. I've given Babby french fries, bread, banana, avocado. She loves to gnaw on a hunk of hard bread. She's not so fond of avocado. Usually I'm holding her while we do this, though twice now I've propped her up in a high chair. She doesn't get very much in her; it's just for play at this point, so that she's doing what we're doing and satisfied.

Yesterday she chewed up some bread and loved it, and I think she may have actually eaten a few crumbs of it. Hooray for Andromeda!

I don't know what I'm going to tell the pediatrician. Probably the truth, just to see what she says. I feel that I need to have us eating healthier food, though. If we eat veggies, Babby will eat veggies. If we eat crap, I have to either feed her crap, too, or not let her eat, neither of which are very good options. French fries aren't that bad, but they aren't that good, either.

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