Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Andromeda Update

Andromeda is almost seven months old now. She weighs sixteen pounds and is 25 1/2 inches long. Here she is just now:

She can roll over both ways, though she tends not to; she likes to be on her belly to play, and only flips on her back so she can see us better and demand attention. She scoots all around, mainly backwards, but she can turn 360 degrees, so she can get anywhere she wants. She can sit, but usually will go over on her belly before too long. She's trying to get up on her knees; very soon I think she will crawl.

She tastes just about everything I eat. I mix up baby oatmeal with a little diluted apple juice and I can't get the spoon from her mouth to the bowl before she demands more. She likes orange, nectarine, chicken, pancakes with butter, toast with jam, just about everything we put in her gob. We gave her a lemon and she didn't make a sour face. She still nurses several times a day.

We've been teaching her certain signs. Milk is the first one, and sometimes Andromeda will hold up her fist when she wants milk, but she doesn't do the motion. We sign to her: more, food, drink, done, mom, dad; but we focus on just the first few.

As for sleep, well, she does, but she much prefers to sleep on my lap or in my arms. She will sleep in her crib, and usually does when I first put her down for the night. Then the first time she wakes, she'll either go back to crib peacefully, or wake back up and I'll bring her to bed with me. Then she'll either wake up a second time and the same thing ensues, or she'll sleep through til morning. She naps in my lap. Occasionally I can put her down during the day, but with our current living arrangement, days are usually too noisy/busy for her to sleep on her own.

That's my Babby!

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