Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Andromeda Eats More

We've been trying something new with Andromeda, with some success. Ollin or I will give her a little bit of what we're eating: something soft enough for her to chew, such as bread or pancake. We put it right in the front of her mouth so her tongue can push it out if that's what needs to happen. This seems to be working. She sort of sucks it into her mouth, chews it with her gums and swallows it. I like it much better because we can give her food in safe sizes and not worry as much about her choking. She still gags sometimes, but manages to get the food back into her mouth for more chewing.

Then, when she's done with a bite, she opens her mouth wide and demands more in a loud voice. If more is not provided immediately, she makes her demand even louder. Too long and she gets upset. Her binky can comfort her, but she still will try to take stuff from my plate if she wants to eat.

When she doesn't want any more, she'll try to grab the bite of food from my hand, and if I let her get it she'll mash it up, try to tear it apart or simply throw it. I gave her a breadstick she couldn't get a bite of, and the tossed that clear across the room. "I have no use for this!"

She still nurses well, so I don't think it's too much food for her. She seems to really enjoy eating, and I know Ollin likes to feed her. We love food, and of course we want to share this with our children.

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